Paths to Healing

Caring therapy for mind, body and spirit.

Life is a Journey

While traveling this journey of life, we encounter the highest peaks and the darkest valleys. Each of these are are to assist you in your own growth and evolution. My goal is to assist you not only with finding your way out of the depths, but to help you experience your joy and find meaning and purpose in life. As a licensed professional counselor with specialized training in holistic health care, I focus on treating you as a whole person--mind, body and Spirit. Optimum functioning requires not only healthy thinking and emotional management, it also requires a conscious connection to your body and an awareness of your spiritual self. My passion is to help you awaken to your wholeness--emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual--so that you can live in joy and manifest your dreams. 

My Therapeutic Approach

I don't practice "one size fits all" therapy.  I believe each person brings a lifetime of experiences, influences, and choices, as well as genetic tendencies, that have created the person they are today. I recognize that each individual is completely unique, so I tailor our sessions using a variety of approaches best suited to each client's specific values, personalities, and needs. I honor each client's level of comfort with the therapeutic process, and I am always gentle and completely non-judgmental. 

How We'll Work Together

I highly value and practice kindness and compassion in my work, however, I am not a passive, "smile and nod, tell me more about that" type of therapist. I am active and engaged in your therapy, giving  gentle feedback and direction when appropriate. I will also challenge you to think and act in ways that are healthier, healing, and more productive.  At our first session, we will work together to establish your goals and develop an action plan to achieve them.  As your therapy continues, we work not only toward achieving those goals, which may change and evolve during the therapeutic process, but also toward increasing your self-awareness, self-acceptance, and self-love.

Incorporating Hypnotherapy

In addition to providing psychotherapy and counseling,  I am a certified hypnotherapist.

With hypnotherapy I can help you quit smoking, lose weight, decrease or eliminate anxiety, release other habits, fears, and phobias, and increase your confidence for success. There are literally hundreds of other ways hypnotherapy can help you lead a happier, healthier life.  

Through regression hypnotherapy,  I can help you retrieve repressed memories and heal PTSD symptoms. I am also a certified past-life regression therapist, as well as a certified life between lives therapist.

Past-life regressions help you recall and explore your prior lifetimes, heal physical and emotional symptoms which may have originated in a prior life, and help you understand and heal a relationship or relationships which may feel especially charged (either negatively or positively).  

A life between lives regression, which my clients have found to be especially fascinating, enlightening, and healing, helps you understand your purposes in this lifetime.

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